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Essential Preferred Complete

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your Tesla against fire, theft, bris de vitres and more


Up to €20 million

Material damages

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Battery Cover

Against damage

Key replacement

Up to €300

New value compensation

100% reimbursement in case of a total loss

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your Tesla against fire, theft, bris de vitres and more.

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your Tesla against fire, theft, bris de vitres and more.

Some examples of exclusions

Motor Third Party Liability


  • Bodily injury to the driver
  • Material damage to your vehicle
    Material damage to your vehicle is not included in the Motor Third Party Liability cover. However, it is covered in the comprehensive insurance that is automatically included in the Essential, Preferred and Complete plans. See our FAQ's for more information.

Damage to your vehicle


  • Damage resulting from wear and tear and lack of maintenance
  • Damage to objects carried by or equipment fallen from the vehicle



  • Theft committed with your lost key or a key left behind in your vehicle
  • Theft committed by a family or staff member of the policyholder or insured person



Services that were not arranged by us or performed without our consent.

Other exclusions

Non-payment of the premium

Damage caused by nuclear energy

Damage as a result of war, civil war and terrorism

Damage resulting from an intentional act of the insured

Damage caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances

Damage caused by participation in speeding or racing competitions of any kind

Non-compliance of the vehicle with laws and regulations on technical requirements and inspections

Damage if the car is being used by an unauthorised driver or without a valid driving licence


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Comprehensive insurance

Covers damage to your vehicle due to an accident or following fire, theft, glass breakage, forces of nature and collision with animals and many more


The Comprehensive insurance consists of the following coverages:

Partial comprehensive insurance

Fire and Explosion

Your vehicle is covered against fire, fire damage, explosion, flame impact, lightning strike and short circuit of the electrical system.


We cover your vehicle and its accessories against theft and damage resulting from theft or attempted theft.

Glass breakage

Damage to the front, side and rear windows of your vehicle is covered.

Forces of nature and collision with animals

This covers against damage to the vehicle that arises directly and immediately from:

  • rock slides, stone chips, landslide, avalanche, snow drift, storm, hail, flood, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, earthquake, volcanic eruption and tidal wave;
  • unexpected contact with an animal on the outside of the vehicle, for example, in the event of a collision;
  • damage caused to the engine compartment of the vehicle as a result of continuous scratching or biting by an animal that has entered it.

Miscellaneous costs

We will also pay the costs of extinguishing the fire, temporary garage, transport and repatriation of the vehicle to the repairer and dismantling, if necessary at the time of the estimate, all up to an amount of €1.250 (excluding VAT).

Comprehensive insurance

The Comprehensive insurance includes all the coverages of the Limited comprehensive insurance, but additionally covers your vehicle against material damage caused by an accident or vandalism.

Material damages

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to an accident caused by collision, fall, overturn or collision.

The following are also covered under Material damage:

  • damage resulting from vandalism;
  • damage occurring during transfers by rail, sea or air and loading and unloading operations;
  • if you are transporting in your vehicle a person injured in a traffic accident, we will reimburse up to €250 (excl. VAT) the cost of cleaning or repairing the interior of your vehicle, as well as damage to the clothing of the insured and accompanying persons.

Please note that tire damage is covered under the Tire Damage Extension if you have chosen the Complete Plan.

Parking damages

We also cover damages caused by third parties when your NIO is parked such as scratches.

  • Damage caused by a load of corrosive, easily inflammable or explosive materials or objects with the exception of the fuel reserve intended for the use of your vehicle or the materials and objects transported and intended for domestic use.
  • Theft or attempted theft of your vehicle if committed by or with the complicity of:
    • a family member or a person with whom the policyholder or the insured cohabits, even occasionally;
    • a person to whom the vehicle and the keys have been entrusted.
  • Theft or damage resulting from such theft or attempted theft due to the loss of the key, the forgetting of a key in or on your vehicle and the non-activation or non-functioning of your vehicle's anti-theft or locking systems (unless it is stored in a locked private garage).
  • Flood damage resulting from a broken pipe at your vehicle's store location.
  • All tire damages are excluded unless:
    • you select the Complete plan where the additional coverage Tyre damage is included;
    • it occurs in conjunction with other covered damage;
    • it is caused by vandalism.
  • Damage due to wear and tear, construction or material defects, or obvious poor maintenance or use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Damage caused while your vehicle was leased to a third party.
  • Damage resulting from the preparation of or participation in speed, regularity or skill races or competitions. However, damage caused on the event of rallies with an exclusively touristic purpose remains insured.
  • Damage caused to your vehicle when, at the time of the accident, it is being driven by an unauthorized person (underage, without a driver's license or stripped of the right to drive...).
  • Damage if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication at the time of the accident.
  • Damage in case of an additional driver under the age of 25 years if he is not registered in the contract or if the journey cannot be considered as occasional.

Please read our General Conditions for all exclusions.

Excess in case of a claim under the coverage fire, theft, glass breakage, forces of nature or collision with animals: €200. If the windshield is repaired instead of replaced, no deductible is applied.
The excess to pay in case of a claim covered under material damage varies from €350 to €1.000, depending on the plan chosen.
Check our page dedicated to excess for more information on the amount to be paid.

Some examples when you are covered:

  • hail hits your vehicle and damages it;
  • your vehicle is stolen;
  • a fire occurs and damages your vehicle;
  • you collide with another vehicle on the road;
  • a person scratches your vehicle parked in the street.

Replacement vehicle

In case your vehicle has a breakdown or is immobilised


If your vehicle has a breakdown or is unroadworthy either immobilised, the roadside assistance provider will arrange a rental or replacement vehicle of the same category as yours, with a maximum amount of €80 per day and €600 in total per incident.

  • There is no replacement vehicle foreseen in the Essential plan;
  • Replacement vehicles can only be arranged if you are in possession of the corresponding driving license;
  • We only provide coverage if your vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours and is immobilised for at least 24 hours.
No excess.

Some examples when we will provide a replacement vehicle:

  • your vehicle had a breakdown and needs to stay 2 days at the garage;
  • your vehicle was damaged in an accident and the reparation will take a few days.
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